Group Turnout: We have two, two acre paddocks which we keep small groups turned out in with a max of 6 horses in each group. Paddocks are full grass and have RAMM safety fencing. These horses go out for 4 hours daily. 

Private Turnout: There are 5 half acre paddocks which we use for private turnout. These paddocks are all fenced with RAMM safety fencing and are "stallion runs" meaning there is ten feet between each paddock. So each horse can see its neighbor but they cannot interact (bite or kick) between the fences. These horses go out for 2 hours daily. 

Summer Heat Turnout: During those extremely hot summer months where the temperature is forecasted around 100 degree or more, we change the turnout timeline. The horses go out in their same paddocks in the same rotations but we cut turnout times in half. By starting early we are able to turn every horse out and return them to their stalls before noon, when the real heat of the day settles in. 


Before Turnout: We will put boots, bell boots, fly spray, fly masks or anything you provide for your horse so they have a safe happy time in pasture. 

After Turnout: When horses return from pasture we will make sure their feet are picked clean and they horses are rinsed down (in the warmer months) or lightly brushed off (colder months) after turnout. This allows are staff to find cuts and scrapes, loose shoes or other issues that may arise when they are outside playing.