Paige Peters - Windham

   Paige is a USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze medalist with all scores earned on horses she trained herself. She has taken 15+ horses to FEI from the lower levels or completely unbroken. She operates out of her training facility, The Saddlebrook Equestrian Center, in Bartonville, Texas. She has countless Champion and Reserve Champion titles from Regional Championships as well as placings in the ribbons at the National Finals. She has successfully trained to FEI with countless breeds from warmbloods, to Andalusians, Friesians and more.

   Her training was primarily focused on the German principles from a young age. She started riding both Dressage and jumping but transitioned to Dressage full time in her early 20’s. She has been invited to train with Olympians and Team Coaches where she gained valuable knowledge and skills that she passes on to her horses and clients. “My principles are simple. There are only 7 aids. If your horse truly understands and yields to each of those aids, then the sky is the limit. Most “problem horses” are simply not fully submissive or clear on one or more aids. The goal is to isolate the missing pieces and teach them to your horse. Once they know all 7, any movement can be achieved, performed and enhanced with continued focus on strength, conditioning and flexibility. I love dressage. I love the journey. I love the connection I make with the animals. Each horse speaks a different language and takes me on a unique journey. I've learned something from each and every one I've had the pleasure to work with."

                              Paige and Kondor

                                Paige and Bogart von Jorrit PM

                                Paige and Garant

                                 Paige with two young horses she started.

                         Franca Sympathica (dark bay) Stetson (chestnut)